Nick Capocci   GRSM (Lond.)  ARCM

pianist / composer / bandleader / teacher

* (GRSM = Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music; ARCM = Associate of the Royal College of Music). Studied at the Royal College of Music with William Lloyd Webber (theory), Humphrey Searle (composition) and Eileen Reynolds (piano). Professional pianist, keyboardist, composer, bandleader and teacher, currently working in east Kent.

*GRSM is an academic musical qualification. (Lond.) indicates it was obtained at one of the two London branches of the Royal Schools of Music.



"You are the oldest friend you will ever have."  Shrucius Traesus



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 Sample compositions (published):

(Lush Life Music)




(Cantando Musikkforlag)


PIANIST: Classical, jazz, light classic, ragtime, Sixties / Billy Joel / Michael Jackson / etc... Currently resident pianist Walpole Bay Hotel, Cliftonville, Margate. Resident  pianist Beverley Big Band. Resident organist (Mondays) Margate Crematorium.

COMPOSER: Pupil of Humphrey Searle - seminal force in contemporary British classical composition. From Humphrey Searle inherited deep respect for atonal serial technique and Second Viennese School, leading to formulation of radical compositional technique, Thomes & Phases. Subsequently developed theory of Newtonality in order to explore the origins and wider implications surrounding emergence of atonality in Western music.


Member of The Schubert Institute (UK)


Member of the London Composers Forum (LCF)


BANDLEADER Widely travelled as a pianist/keyboardist/bandleader - including ten years as Musical Director with many well known circuses. Now runs JAZZ YOU LIKE IT and the DUKES OF  JAZZARD!

TEACHERPiano/keyboard/theory/composition. Experienced teacher of all styles - classic, jazz, pop - from zero to grade eight/diploma level; individual or large group. Enhanced DBS ( 001504926553 October 2015. update subscribed) Private and peripatetic. Employed as Keyboard/piano teacher with Kent Music since 1992. 

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The full version with musical examples of Newtonality: Exposition of the Laws and Principles pertaining to the Evolution of the Western Musical Language is available on request.


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